New Site Release - Modesto Area Music Association


Update! We developed a fresh new look for including a completely new voting mechanism for your favorite bands.

Shopping cart for wholesalers

We now offer a shopping cart specific to wholesaler and sales rep operations.
One of our main development criteria was making entering new products pain free! Every step is geared towards getting the job done quickly with minimal repetition.

We support ordering restrictions such as minimum quantities per item as well as minimum purchase quantities and totals for a vendor.
You can allow potential customers to browse your offerings without viewing prices until you approve them to view pricing details.

New Developments

We've made quite a few changes to our Shopping Cart, we've switched to using rails from, allowing us more flexibility when creating a site for our customers as well as speeding up the development process. We have also streamlined creating new products, making you more productive!

Bookseller Barnes & Noble Inc. sees the future, and it’s clearly online

increaseBookseller Barnes & Noble Inc. sees the future, and it’s clearly
online—a fact underscored in the retailer’s fiscal 2010 year-end
financial results. In fact, after growing nicely in fiscal 2010, Barnes
& Noble expects web sales to grow 75% in fiscal 2011, which would
translate to just over $1 billion.

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